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January 19th, My Sister’s Birthday!

on January 22, 2012

On January 19th,  my sister Janet celebrated her birthday.  Janet is my sister who you  have met and know as ” the one who paints.”  Janet is 5 years younger than I am, and even though we are sisters, because of our age difference, we were not friends until later in life.  Actually, I remember when Janet arrived in my life, I was quite jealous and wanted to send her back to the hospital.  I had had my parents all to myself for a very long time, and I did not want to share my mom and dad with a new baby.

I guess that is probably true of most first-born children.  The idea of having a new baby arrive is intriguing (word of the week)  in the beginning, but when you realize that the new little arrival is loved by your Mom and Dad, it  is not so easy to accept.  Plus my new little sister took  up all of their time and attention–sometimes making me feel unloved.   I know now that a new baby requires a lot of care and attention, but at the time I just thought they loved my new baby sister more than me.  I remember that I would often try to get their attention when they were both cooing my sister, and sometimes it got me into trouble.

Janet Sue Benington came into my life on January 19th, 1952, and my life with my Mom and Dad would never again be the same. 

Carol and Janet 1952

 Now I was the big sister and she was the little sister.  In the early years I often thought that my Mom and Dad loved her more than me.  There were all kinds of new rules.  I had to be quiet and not wake her up from her nap.  I had to sit alone when Mom was feeding her on her lap.

Carol and Janet 1953

We couldn’t go to the park unless she came along and that was a big production. 

I had to play with her and share my toys.  I had to let her tag along when I played with my friends, even though she was way younger. 

Things were very different.  Things would never again be the same.  Our family had grown and I now shared my Mom and Dad with my sister.  

It’s funny as I look back at those many years ago.  I absolutely never felt like I shared my Granma Benny with anyone.  She always made me feel like I was so very special.  I never felt for one second that she loved anyone more than me.  Until this very moment, it never occurred to me how very special that was.


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