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Aspen’s First Party!

on February 19, 2012

Do you have any memories of before you were born?   Do you have any idea how much you were loved even before you arrived?

You didn’t even have a name and we didn’t know if you would be a boy or a girl.   So much anticipation!

Before you were born there was a party.  Did you know? You were there…just look.

I guess this would be your very first Party.

It was a baby shower that was given for you and your Mom at Auntie Amy’s House.  It was a lovely brunch and all of your Mom amd Dad’s family and friends came to shower you both with gifts in preparation for your arrival.

The food was wonderful, Amy had so many delightful things to eat and she had everything beautifully presented all over her kitchen in Naperville.  There were beautiful roses…and a special cake.  You will need to ask Amy all about her special cake.







There was a mountain of gifts and it took your Mom all afternoon to open them all.

It was so much fun watching all of the special things for you being unwrapped.

Everyone who came brought a book….a favorite from their own childhood for you to have as you grew up. 

You were showered with gifts….everything that a new baby needed.  It was a wonderful day.


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