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Oreo Cookies

on March 7, 2012

I was watching CBS Sunday Morning on Sunday, and they had a whole segment (word of the week) on oreo cookies.  I must admit that I haven’t had an oreo in quite sometime, although I did get a little taste when I had a bite of Aspen’s ice cream last summer.  Remember…you had an oreo cookie ice cream cone.

Do you like oreos?  They were one of my favorite cookies when I was little.  Until Sunday morning however, I did not know the true history of oreo cookies. 

Oreos were first introduced in 1912…that was before Great Granma Lucia was even born.  Oreos are now the best selling cookie in the United States.

In 1898, several baking companies merged to form the National Biscuit Company (NaBisCo), the maker of Oreo cookies. By 1902, Nabisco had created Barnum’s Animal cookies and made them famous by selling them in a little box designed like a cage with a string attached.

In 1912, Nabisco had a new idea for a cookie – two chocolate disks with a creme filling in between. The first Oreo cookie looked very similar to the Oreo cookie of today, with only a slight difference in the design on the chocolate disks.

No one is certain how the cookie got it’s name.  Some think it was a short way of expressing cream sandwiched between the 2 discs, o’s with re (shortened for cream) in the middle.  The original cookie design was simpler…a wreath around the edge and oreo in the center.  The modern day design was developed in 1952 and incorporated the Nabisco logo.

Most of us have grown up with Oreo cookies. There are photos of us with chocolaty remnants smeared across our faces. Everyone has their own favorite way to eat them – dunking them in milk or twisting off one side and eating the middle first. Besides eating them plain, there are now recipes galore on how to use Oreos in cakes, milkshakes, and additional desserts.

Until today I was not aware of how many different shapes and flavors of oreos there now are…

  • Oreo
  • Football Oreo(introduced in 1976) this oreo’s cover is football shape.
  • Double Stuf Oreo (introduced in 1975) have about twice the normal amount of white cream filling.
  • Mini Oreo, originally released in 1991, are bite-sized versions of ordinary Oreo cookies.
  • “Triple Double Oreo”, for sale in the US this summer


  • Oreo
  • Chocolate Oreo
  • Strawberry Oreo, introduced in Indonesia and Malaysia.
  • Green Tea Oreo, introduced in China and Japan.
  • Lemon Ice Oreo, introduced in Japan.
  • Organic Oreo, introduced in 2006, are plain Oreo cookies made with organic flavor and organic sugar.
  • Blueberry Ice Cream Oreo, introduced in Indonesia and Malaysia in 2010. Also sold in Thailand.
  • Oreo DQ Blizzard Creme, a limited edition Oreo released in April–May 2010, celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Dairy Queen Blizzard.
  • Double Stuf Golden Oreo, introduced in late August 2009. As the name indicates they are Double Stuf Oreos with Golden Oreo wafers instead of normal chocolate Oreo wafers.
  • Oreo Fudgees are rectangular “dipping” shaped Oreos with a chocolate fudge filling (different from the Chocolate Creme Oreo).
  • Oreo Fudge Sundae Creme, a limited edition introduced in 2009, are chocolate ring cookies with traditional white cream filling on half a ring cookie, and fudge cream on the other half.
  • Oreo Fudge Rings are chocolate ring cookies with the traditional white cream filling drizzled over them.
  • Oreo WaferStix are long wafer sticks with a creamy filling and covered by chocolate.
  • Golden Oreo series have vanilla wafers with other fillings like vanilla and chocolate as Uh-Oh Oreo until its rebranding in 2007.
  • Vend Pack Oreo cookies from vending machine 6-packs are smaller diameter Oreo cookies with about 10% less mass than regular Oreos (8.5 g vs. 9.5 g).
  • Double Delight Oreo, introduced in 1987, have chocolate cookies with two fillings, notably peanut butter and chocolate, mint and cream, and coffee and cream flavors. Also orange and mango, raspberry and blueberry in China.
  • Cool Mint Creme Oreo are a Double Stuf Oreo with a slight minty creme filling.
  • Peanut Butter Oreo are a Double Stuf Oreo with a peanut buttery creme filling.
  • Fudge Covered Oreo, White Fudge Oreo and Milk Chocolate Oreo are covered in either a layer of fudge, white fudge or milk chocolate respectively.
  • Pure Milk Chocolate Covered Mint Oreo are similar to Milk Chocolate Oreo but have a mint-flavored filling.
  • Banana Split Creme Oreo with a light yellow banana flavor filling, were available for a limited time in 2008.
  • Berry Burst Ice Cream Oreo were released in April 2011.
  • 100 Calorie Pack Oreo(Oreo Thinsations in Canada) are miniature, thin, hexagonal versions of Oreo with no creme-filling, and come individually portioned into 100 calories pouches.
  • Sugar Free Oreo, introduced in 2006, cost over twice as much as regular Oreos, and had only trace amounts of sugar, 10 fewer calories per serving, 0.5 grams more fat and 450% more fiber.
  • Reduced Fat Oreo, introduced in 2006, cost the same as regular Oreos, had as much sugar, 10 fewer calories per serving, about 35% less fat and the same amount of fiber.
  • Oreo Cakesters, introduced in 2007, are 2 or 3 chocolate soft snack cakes with vanilla creme in the middle; also available with chocolate creme, or in the “golden” variety (marketed as both Oreo and Nilla Cakesters in the U.S.).
  • During springtime, around Halloween, and Christmas, special edition “Double Stuf Oreo” cookies are produced with colored frosting reflecting the current holiday (blue or yellow, orange, and red or green respectively).
  • Chocolate and Dulce de leche Oreo, sold in Chile and Argentina, has chocolate or Dulce de Leche instead of the usual creme.
  • In 2010, Oreo partnered with the movie How To Train Your Dragon and introduced Oreos with red creme.
  • Oreo Heads or Tails have vanilla creme filling with a chocolate Oreo wafer on one side and a Golden Oreo wafer on the other.
  • Triple Double Oreos, introduced in August 2011, are three chocolate oreo cookies, with vanilla filling between the first and second cookies, and chocolate filling between the second and third.
  • Triple Double Neapolitan Oreos, are similar to the original triple double oreos, but are three vanilla oreo cookies, with chocolate filling between the first and second cookies, and strawberry filling between the second and third.
  • Birthday Cake Oreos are a limited-edition release in February 2012 to celebrate Oreo’s 100th birthday, made up of two traditional chocolate Oreo cookies with a birthday-cake flavored filling and sprinkles inside.


  • If every Oreo® cookie ever made were stacked on top of each other (more than 345 billion…), the pile would reach to the moon and back more than five times. Then again, if placed side-by-side, they would encircle the earth 381 times at the equator.
  • In order to keep up with this voluminous demand, the Oreo® cookie recipe calls for 18 million pounds of cocoa and 47 million pounds of creme filling. An Oreo® cookie is 29% creme, 71% cookie.
  • The Oreo® cookie has been America’s most popular cookie since it was introduced in 1912. More than 345 billion Oreo® cookies have been consumed to date. More than 7.5 billion Oreo® cookies are consumed each year, which comes out to 625 million per month and 20.5 million per day.

491 billion oreo cookies have been sold to date. 

Oreo will celebrate its 100th birthday on March 6th, 2012!  Wow…that’s today. 



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