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on October 31, 2013

Pooh “The Bear” was a member of our family. He arrived at Christmas, a gift for Jan. Over the years he became “real”. Jan tells us about Pooh in her blog today, but I don’t know if Jan even knew how much impact that this little guy had on me and Pappa Don and on your Dad and Auntie Amy. So loved….I can’t wait for my Christmas Card!

Living Simply By Going Backwards

Tomorrow is Halloween but things got spooky around here yesterday.

Each year lately, I have drawn an original Christmas card using colored pencils.  I generally am not inspired until the deadline approaches in late October.  I will never learn.  It is the same this year.

I have generally drawn various ornaments over the years to be the cover of the card though there have been variations.  This year I decided to use my Teddy Bear.  His name is Pooh and he was a gift from my father nearly 50 years ago.  He has been well loved and shows his age as much as I.

poohPooh sits in his rocker in various outfits depending on the season.  The outfits cover his worn out fur and his clumsily stitched repairs.

Let me explain.  My family has long recognized that Pooh is more than a stuffed toy.  In fact, I shudder to…

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