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The Legacy of Pooh

on November 8, 2013

My sister has a bear….Pooh.  No, not Winnie the Pooh….her Pooh is much different.  She wrote about Pooh in her recent blog.


Pooh has Power.

Pooh is a VIB…Very Important Bear and I don’t think that even my sister knows just how much Pooh has influenced our lives.

Your dad wrote about Pooh in his creative writing class when he was in high school.  Both he and your Auntie Amy had a great teacher…Mr. Leece.  Mr Leece had a wonderful talent for helping his students open up to their inner thoughts and feelings and write about them.  I think Mr. Leece was Auntie Amy’s all time favorite teacher.  I am not certain who your Dad’s favorite teacher was.  I think you should ask him.

I wanted to share what you daddy wrote about Pooh…

Dougs story of Pooh BearThere are lines through certain phrases, questions about words, and notes from Mr Leece, but the message is intact.  The words encircled are embracing and house I think.  You can ask your dad to clarify.

Moms and Granmas save things…sometimes we save “stuff” in boxes, but more often we save memories in our hearts.  I have been accused of “saving” too much “stuff”.  I have lots of “stuff” saved in the attic, and I have even more memories saved in my heart.  I am very glad I saved this piece of notebook paper in my “stuff”.  It is more meaningful today than it was all those years ago.  I am glad I can share it with you.


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