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Am I Smarter than a 5th Grader…2

on August 28, 2014

Cinquain Poem…

I love poetry, and when I was younger I loved to write it….however, once again the 5th grader stumped me.  Assignment…write a Cinquain Poem.

Who ever heard of that?  Well apparently I am the odd man out on this one.

A cinquain – which, by the way, is pronounced “sin-cane,”  – is a form of poetry that is very popular because of it’s simplicity. It was created by American poet Adelaide Crapsey about 100 years ago.

Cinquains are just five lines long, with only a few words on each line, making them easy to write. The first and last lines have just two syllables, while the middle lines have more, so they end up with a diamond-like shape, similar to the poetic form called the diamante.

(Now, I do know diamante….in bridal language diamante is a small, glittering ornament, such as a rhinestone or a sequin, applied to fabric or a garment or a fabric that has been covered with many of these ornaments.)

The Rules of a Traditional Cinquain

  1. Cinquains are five lines long.
  2. They have 2 syllables in the first line, 4 in the second, 6 in the third, 8 in the fourth line, and just 2 in the last line.
  3. Cinquains do not need to rhyme, but you can include rhymes if you want to.

However, I discovered 2 others acceptable forms.

Cinquain Pattern 1                                                                    Cinquain Pattern 2

Line 1: A Noun                                                                            Line 1:  One word

Line 2 Two Adjectives                                                               Line 2  Two words

Line 3 Three-ing words                                                             Line 3 Three words

Line 4  A phrase                                                                          Line 4  Four words

Line 5  Another word for the noun                                         Line 5  One word


Aspen worked on 2 cinquain poems using the pattern #1…one titled Mom and one titled Dad.

Sooo….here goes.


Clever, Creative

Calculating, Captivating, Caring

Constructing my new life


Life is a transition.  Embrace it.



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