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Am I smarter than a 5th Grader? Day 1

on August 28, 2014

OK…question number one.  What “region” is Virginia in?….my answer…Mid Atlantic.  Aspen’s answer South…Correct answer…South.

What does Virginia produce…my first thought–tobacco (however..maybe fishing or ship building since we live at the beach).  I wanted to google for more information, but Aspen wanted to finish her assignment without further investigation.  Aspen submitted fishing.  Homework complete.

I remained curious.  After all, I mentioned fishing during our conversation….purely a guess.  I didn’t want to mislead my granddaughter.  So first thing this morning I was online.  After researching today…initially, fishing did not come up at all.

“The Economy of Virginia is well balanced with diverse sources of income. From the Hampton Roads area to Richmond and down to Lee County in the southwest includes military installations, cattle, tobacco and peanut farming in Southside Virginia. Tomatoes recently surpassed soy as the most profitable crop in Virginia. Tobacco, peanuts and hay are also important agricultural products from the commonwealth.   Wineries and vineyards in the Northern Neck and along the Blue Ridge Mountains also have become increasingly popular. Northern Virginia (once considered the state’s dairy capital) hosts software, communications, consulting, defense contracting, diplomats, and considerable components of the professional government sector.”    http://www.ask.com/wiki/Economy_of_Virginia

Upon further investigation I found out the following…

Here are just a few facts about Virginia Seafood:

The Virginia seafood industry is one of the oldest industries in the United States and one of the Commonwealth’s largest. The Virginia Institute of Marine Science reported the annual economic impact to be over one half of a billion dollars.

Virginia is the nation’s third largest producer of marine products with total landings of over 494,028,366 million pounds in 2012 and is only out paced by Alaska and Louisiana. The dockside value to watermen alone was $191,664,734 million. Virginia also ranks as the largest seafood production state on the East Coast. Reedville, VA is the fourth largest U.S. fishing port based on landings. Hampton Roads was the seventh wealthiest seafood port in the nation.



OK…lesson learned.  What’s next?

Life is a transition.  Embrace it.


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