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on February 2, 2015

I made gingersnaps last week and they were a big hit, not only with the Grandgirls, but with their parents.  (Even the one on the paleo diet!)  I had made the dough in advance, hoping that the girls would be available to shape the cookies into balls, roll them in the sugar and bake them.  As usual the girls were “too busy”.  Hopefully someday in the not too distant future, the girls will visit us more often and make us more a part of their “busy” lives.


I hadn’t made these cookies in years and the recipe is a really good one.  It came to me before I was married.  Actually it was part of a very clever bridal shower given for me by a friend of my mother-in-law to be.  The recipe was from the kitchen of Jeanie McClellan, a home economics teacher in Xenia, Ohio.  Each person attending the shower was to bring a recipe card with their favorite recipe.  This card has been in my recipe box for 47 years.  It is neatly typed on a cute little card.  The wooden, hinged recipe box which housed the cards was also a gift at that shower.  The box has long since worn out from frequent use, but the cards and their special recipes remain.

gingersnap card

gingersnap card 2

I didn’t even need to write out the recipe…an image of the treasured card will suffice.  I used butter and I was very generous with the spices and molasses.  Delish!  The cookies brought back memories, but more importantly, they are now making more.

Post Script…

This was a great idea for my bridal shower and would be just as appropriate today.  By asking each guest to bring their most prized recipe to share with the bride, you automatically make the day more personal.  By planning ahead you can assure that the recipes are done uniformly and presented in a meaningful way.  A good way of assuring this might be to send a recipe card with the invitation.

 It would be interesting to know years later, how many of these recipes are still housed as a cherished keepsake of that special day.  After all, 47 years later, I still have these little 3 x 5 cards.


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